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This is the virtual home of the Atlanta Puppetry Guild and your number one source for puppetry information and happenings in the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.  Please take a look around to see what's new, and if you have Atlanta area puppetry news to share, be sure to let our webmaster know.

Puppetry Happenings in Atlanta

  • Save the Date: APG's PUPPETPALOOZA!
    • February 23 @ 11 AM at the Academy Theatre in Avondale Estates (Google Map).
    • Suitable for the whole family, featuring short ten-minute pieces from some of Atlanta's best puppeteers, plus games and activities.
    • Proceeds from this show will go to the Atlanta Puppetry Guild to support scholarships and grants.
    • Kids $5, Adults $10
  • Save the Date: Puppet Slam!
  • Save the Date: National Day of Puppetry: 4/27/2013!
    • More details to be posted in the not too distant future.
  • Playing at the Center for Puppetry Arts:
    • Aug 21 - Sep 21 : Shake a Tale Feather with Mother Goose – Amy Sweeney
    • Aug 28 - 30 : The National Puppet Slam (Ages 18+ Only)
    • Sep 24 - Oct 5 : The Old Man and the Monkeys & Other Chinese TalesDragon Art Studio
    • Sun, Sep 28 @ 5 PM : Workshop: International Puppetry Celebration
    • Oct 8 - 26 : The Wizard of OzFrisch Marionettes
    • Mon, Oct 13 @ 7 PM : Workshop: Puppetry in Independent Film
    • Oct 28 - Nov 9 : The Headless Horseman of Sleepy Silly HollowFrogtown Mountain Puppeteers
    • Tues, Nov 4 @ 7 PM : Workshop: Creative Collaboration with Frogtown Mountain Puppeteers
  • Playing at the The Basement Theatre:
    • Oct 24 - 26, Oct 31 - Nov 2 : The Rocky Horror Puppet Show - Ages 18+ Only
  • Playing at the Roswell Cultural Arts Center 2014:

Southeast Puppet Jamboree 2014

Southeast Puppet Jamboree is the PofA SE Regional Puppetry Festival for 2014

Dates:  July 31 - August 3, 2014

Location:  Unicoi Lodge, near Helen, Georgia (Google Map)

See the Confirmed Shows & Workshops list for a look at all the fun in store!

See www.puppetjamboree.org for more information.

Puppet Guild Meeting: Sun, April 27th @ 6:00 PM

Our last Atlanta Puppetry Guild Meeting was Sunday, April 27th, 2014 at 6 PM at the Center for Puppetry Arts. We had:

  • Special Guest TBD
  • Pot luck appetizers
  • Lots of stories and puppets for Show-and-Tell!

Sound like fun? Then be sure to join us for our next meeting. Watch for more details to be posted here and on our Mailing List.

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